White Lotus

I am obsessed with the show “The White Lotus” how it shows class ignorance & blatant racism makes for a great show. Set in Maui rich South shore where all the resorts are neatly stacked next to each other. How little the cast interacts with the locals speak volumes about the characters set in the show.

From only spending time on the resorts grounds to sitting by the pool. It’s as if they’re in a fish bowl or the “Truman show.” It shows how little the upper classes interact with what’s around them. Or how much or how little they grasp. Like one of the characters who’s deathly ill but shrugs it off as if death is the laps he swims in the pool.

Or the two mean girls who are addicted to pills & special K. Who’s life comes into focus when the resort manager takes their stash. They begin to see the narrow world their “friendship” exists in. How small & uncomfortable the Luau becomes when their racism is on full display.

The resort sitting on sacred Hawaiian ground is only presented for a mere minute; the characters all seem ignorant to this but the young brother who gets invited to paddle on a native canoe with the locals wants to stay. The family quickly come up with things “they can do at home.”

As if his choice is somehow less because he understood the culture that’s native Hawaiian. I could ramble on & on about “The White Lotus”, guess you’ll need to see it yourself. I question how I was on Maui when I was there. I wasn’t fond of the southern part of the island, but preferred the locals north Island. The show asks how narrow or wide is your view.

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