Walking advertising

I have never understood the fascination of advertising for a company on your t-shirt or bag. It’s very 80’s & made a huge comeback in Scandinavia. The t-shirt of choice is a long since began manufacturing in China. But it’s an American label.

Or wearing a shirt from a place you’ve never been. All my shirts are places I have visited or given lots of money too. I don’t understand the obsession of wearing an American label now obviously made in Bangladesh or China.

Last year I wore a shirt from Maui northshore in town & had some bratty kid try to tell me I had Never been there. I was tempted to tell his parents that they had raised a rude kid, but karma will take care of that.

I also no longer understand the fixation on the US, maybe 20 years ago, but not now. It’s not this amazing place anymore, people are in dire situations all over the country & the government is hobbling on it’s legs. No, I am glad I left but feel bad for those who have stayed.

So why wear something that now symbolizes outsourced manufacturing? It just means you’re a follower of fast fashion which is the biggest landfill filler in the world. You don’t respect what little of the planet we’re living on is left or if you’ll have a planet earth in the future.

I believe in slow fashion & barely buy new clothes anymore. I believe in the garment should be made in Europe where in certain countries the conditions for manufacturing are Very strict. Maybe that’s why I feel soo guilty over a pair of bra’s I bought a few weeks back. When I saw the country was Bangladesh I got upset.

Why you ask because the conditions are deplorable & in-humane in Bangladesh. Garment slave factories burn down all the time & most of the time the garment slaves have no way out so they die in the fires.

I don’t want to be part of the problem, I want to be the solution. Hence, I do my utmost not to purchase from companies that still think it’s acceptable to manufacture there.

Are you a fast or slow fashion? Do you read the labels on garments in the store? Do you ask Why?

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