The other week I had to go to a part of town I had never been to before to get my haircut. I ended up walking down to the highway & having a short wait for a bus. Something I was both happy & excited about.

When I get on the bus it’s standing room only & within a short time of standing on the bus I was harassed by an overweight blond 20 something & her friends who where sisters.

They began mocking me openly in front of other people on the bus. They where immature & began pointing & didn’t end till I exited the bus in town. I noticed when I got off that several other people sitting there also got off in solidarity with me.

I walked over to my café & sat there trying to not cry over their imbecilic behavior. I found them later when I was walking to the bus & someone had gotten to them. One of the sisters expression showed me that someone had.

I am glad a stranger went to bat for me after I got off the bus. It showed that they heard what they were saying & didn’t let them get away with it. For mean, ugly people like that usually gets their karma handed to them.

Something I strongly believe. I won’t be riding that bus into town again & if I see the ugly fat chick & I am sure her comeuppance has already happened. Karma is swift that way.

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