What being vaccinated means

In this day & age being vaccinated means alot. Yesterday I got my first shot & I am ecstatic that I am partially vaccinated. It means less paranoia about being around others. Such as riding the bus or being in a crowd.

I would never have thought that the vaccine would be finished so quickly & to be soo good at protecting you from COVID. It’s a miracle we needed. A cough is no longer a cough in public or a runny nose.

COVID has changed how we perceive others & ourselves. It’s changed our planet for good & for bad. The germaphobes have become more so & us regular folks just takes each day as it comes.

Maybe soon we can return to some kind of normal, whatever that means in this day & age. Being able to hug each other without condemnation or looks. But just being human.

The future finally looks brighter than it has in months. Till next time, remember that Kindness is not a Weakness!

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