The last few weeks have made me reflect on the important things in my life. Such as my friends & my relatives & how lucky I am to have them. Even my small family with the four legged creature has become more important. I want to radiate the kind of kindness my Farmor did.

She was kind no matter what, but if you did something wrong she’d call you out on it right away. She’d say her peace & be done with it. When she forgave you her whole being radiated love.

That’s what I want to do, as this t-shirt I ordered recently that says Kindness is not a Weakness. It’s important to me to carry on her legacy by being kind. Soo few people are these days that’s it’s soo important. Being kind means you don’t spit on people or say rude things about them when they are within hearing distance.

It means being more open to life & to change without feeling guilty for being it. Change happens but that doesn’t mean it’s bad, it could be good too. No, my Farmor taught me many things among them to be True to myself & to others. I practice it everyday, by being kind to strangers & not expecting anything in return.

Till next time. Be grateful, be open & most of all kind.

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