Her passing

Today marks a week of sorrow & togetherness. We celebrated her life in 3 ways. With her funeral, a bonfire & cake in her house. Farmor had made an impact on all of us. She touched our life in many different ways.

The funeral was the saddest & most stressful. I was nominated by my cousin’s to read at her funeral. A great honor. It was hard to read & I cried for most of it. She became an icon in my life. Someone I will never forget, she’s irreplaceable in so many ways.

I feel touched that I mattered soo much to her in so many ways. She could make anything. Usually from scratch & the recipe in her head, she wouldn’t even measure her ingredients when she baked. She would do it by feel & look when she cooked.

Her handwriting was beautiful & her stories she would tell you where adorable.

Rest in peace Farmor, love you.

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