Honey & raspberries

I have good news, my hubby got commissioned to make a Summer beer!! He’s soo good at making beer soo I am very proud of him. Tonight he’s hiking in the rain, with the four legged creature.

I’ve decided to begin some local urban hiking to get into better shape. The walk to the bus stop is just too short. I also want to see more of the city. Walking around the lake is boring & crowded so I am doing a different walk.

I’m good as I can be even though another lockdown is looming & they just stopped a vaccine because of pretty severe consequences, so the wait continues.

As for the Summer we’ve not made a decision as to what kind of vacation we’re going to take. Do we travel North this Summer or do we take an international trip in the Fall?? We’ve yet to figure out that part??

I hope we’ll have some idea soon?


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I’m a writer & poet in my late 40’s who published my first book of poetry called Greylight a few years back. I live by a simple motto Live Laugh Love & show gratitude for each day. I currently live in Norway with my husband & our dog. I am working on a new book, release date is in the future. i am looking for artists with a modern view to represent my new body of work. I can be reached at cecilieeroaldset@gmail.com. Thank you for reading my work.

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