The full moon has finally passed, phew. But on the way to our Sunday walk the four legged creature got obnoxious towards a neighbor dog that has come up on our property several times. Not cool.

The neighbor guy took out his cell phone like he was going to call someone Just Because the four legged creature was barking. Lame.

Then again he had a small, little, ratty dog, so I don’t feel guilty whatsoever. His dog runs loose all the time. Not legal. We met his dog last year when it got away from them. Before we even met them.

Enough about holier than thou neighbors. I got an unexpected phone call this week from someone I thought had left my life. It really made my week soo much brighter. I am also grateful for the reconnection. Hence, you never know when life will throw you a curve ball.

Be grateful for the small moments because they really matter in the end.

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