Maybe Spring?

It feels like Spring is in the air but at the end of the week they’re predicting snow & sleet. So maybe Spring? We had a good start to the week by eating at one of my favorite restaurants; it was a belated birthday dinner out. Something that felt both weird & good at the same time.

I think it was our 4th dinner out this year, something I found both depressing & sad. Other than that I finally got a monthly bus pass again. Something that feels great! Having to run for the bus gets old fast.

There was a definite full moon this weekend & it showed. All the nuts fell out of the the bag. Literally. There was some indescribable screaming from people’s porches & a party with 50 people got busted. Full moon fever was in the air. Hence, why I try to avoid doing anything on such weekends. The nuts just aren’t worth it.

Otherwise things are okay, are days our racing by & I hope we can complete some Long overdue Spring chores this year??? Only time will tell?

I am hoping for a vaccine in May or June?? Patience is key.


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I’m a writer & poet in my late 40’s who published my first book of poetry called Greylight a few years back. I live by a simple motto Live Laugh Love & show gratitude for each day. I currently live in Norway with my husband & our dog. I am working on a new book, release date is in the future. i am looking for artists with a modern view to represent my new body of work. I can be reached at Thank you for reading my work.

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