Clogged drains & other…

I was all excited to take a shower this late morning when I discovered the drain was & is completely clogged. I managed to wash my hair before the water took over half the bathroom.

It’s the type of thing that’s a nuisance & pain to fix. But life always throws curve balls it’s just how you adjust to them that counts. I am okay adjusting to curve balls because I have done it my whole life.

I got some excellent news yesterday that I can’t share yet, but what I will say is that mistreatment of people in the medical profession is a crime. It happened to me & to other patients & that is not okay. Now, something is Finally being done about it.

It took a Long time, I thought that my complaint had been tossed but it hadn’t so I am grateful for my voice & that it’s being taken seriously.

Now, it’s to hoping we have a clear drain by the weekend? Chin up life is good.

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