I can recall being in high school & going into one of the pharmacies in our small home town. The people that worked there treated any youth like a would be criminal. Following us up & down the aisles. It became a place to avoid, for obvious reasons. Even though it was a family owned business, the way they treated us kids was very unfair.

Whereas the corporate pharmacy down the block was great, you could go in & shop what you needed without the hint of suspicion hanging over you. It was like being in two different places in the same town. Youth was the open enemy of the old established rich who lived there.

The best thing that happened in town was when an independent bookstore opened. I have always loved reading so the bookstore was a treat. Staff was always friendly & kind & the atmosphere was always light & airy. I miss that bookstore because I spent most of my high school & college going to it.

I also spent time walking at the local beach/state park. It’s where I would go to get away from the toxicity in our house. Plug in my Walkman & spend 90 minutes walking there, it’s where I found solitude.

I miss parts of where I grew up but I don’t miss the toxic parts or the constant bullying & harassment I experienced in high school but I miss parts of it. I’ve heard that much has changed & much hasn’t. Such is life I guess.

Till next time. Chin up, there’s vaccines on the way.

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