Worried over a cold

Here I am 2 days after my birthday worried over what feels like symptoms of a cold. In the age of COVID it’s not easy to have symptoms of a cold & I do. It’s just so worrying that I am grateful I’m not going anywhere for the next few days.

I got slightly cold & wet this weekend at my birthday party, which was outside. I hope that’s the only reason & not that I’ve been exposed to COVID. I will try to think on the positive side of things??

My birthday party was fun, we sat outside & enjoyed the sun & the cold, while eating my husband’s awesome carrot cake. I was grateful for the people that showed up, it made my day really special.

Other than that I’m going try to look on the positive side of things & not worry so much. Although I’m a really good worrier. It’s just a cold & it’ll pass.

An update on my symptoms, I snore hence the sore throat & I have no fever. My sinuses are bothering me but I have had sinuses problems for years. I need more nasal spray & that will fix my headache. No it’s not COVID.

Stay safe and see you next time.

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