Is America broken?

Yes, it has been for years & now there’s social turmoil on top of a second impeachment. America was & felt broken when I left over 4 years ago. The Twittering, unstable & fraudulent President is an international embarrassment.

In the 1990’s I thought America was great, I felt proud to live there. Now, however I am mortified by what it has become. A boiling pot of racism & sexism that the world has a hard time looking away from. I am embarrassed that I used to find it soo idyllic & pure.

Other countries used to hold America to a high standard but since the storming of the Capital last week, the world is astonished that they gave the current administration credence. As am I. Knowing that the world will never give America a second chance after what occurred.

I feel bad for the incoming administration as it has 4 years to repair a sinking ship. Internationally America will not be looked on with rose colored glasses. When the Capital was stormed, the world shook. That shaking has not stopped.

Is there a way to unify right wing extremism with the people wanting the police departments reformed. I doubt it? America is at a crossroads & it will take decades to bring unity back to a country so lost in it’s own trauma.

I feel saddened by what happened, my heart still breaks thinking about it. Now, only time will show us what will happen to a country I once adored.

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