Another lockdown

I was really excited for the new year, then boom another national lockdown. It’s only for 2 weeks though which is okay. Hopefully the government won’t extend it?

My resolutions are pretty simple this year, spend my time with people who value my time & my friendship. Toxic people & flakes are out. I realized this before Christmas when I realized I had lost 6 hours in 2 years Waiting.

I will also find a profession that suits my writing & finally finish my second book. Something I have been working on for six months already.

I met a kind neighbor this morning & that has restored my faith in the hood we live in. Something I will thank him for next time I see him.

I feel grateful for my marriage & my best friend who tells it like it is. I am sure the lockdown will end soon. I only hope the COVID will stay somewhere in the 20 people per day. If it spikes to 60-80 people again I will not be happy.

Fingers crossed. Till next time. Stay warm.

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