Happy New 2021!

I feel so happy & relieved that NYE went off without a hitch.

Today, we went up Fløyen today in brisk, cold weather. The walk up was wonderful & the view was worth it. We did it 3 years ago when we first moved here. The crowds where thin but it was slippery on the way down.

I feel grateful for a solid relationship in my life & my friends who stand up & stand by me. I may not have a huge crowd of friends but those who are honest & sincere I feel very lucky to have.

2021 feels like a new toy, shiny, functioning & fun to play with. I am looking forward to a new year & have some plans I will not mention here but that I am very excited about this new project.

So fingers crossed that 2021 will be a year of travel outside the borders of Norway? I am looking forward to seeing something new & seeing old friends & family again.

Hope you’re year is filled with joy, stability & love. Welcome to a brand new decade.

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