thoughts on a weird year

As I sit here 48 hours before Christmas makes me think back on this odd & strange year we’ve had. I remember thinking last NY Eve that 2020 was going to be a good year, I even made dream collage for what I want to happen in the next 5 years. Then March hit & everything was flipped on its head.

March-May where a blur of days, some dark, some light, I remember when I started going out again with the dog for walks. How weird everyone greeted each other & how empty the buses where around town when I would run errands for us. I remember when we began driving into town to do errands & the parking garage was empty, a ghost town practically.

Then the Summer came & people became less concerned about COVID 19-shops & stores & cafe’s went back to nearly normal business hours. Then Fall came with a vengance as did the surge of cases & in a new lockdown we went. Although this time since it was obligated to wear masks on the bus & in shops people seemed a little less freaked out.

Now, we’re dealing with yet another strain of COVID that’s more infectious and contagious. Makes for a weird year, I think now that they’re preventing flights from Britain to Norway.

This year has made me grateful though for my sweet, dear husband & our silly & rambuctious four legged creature. It’s made me grateful for being able to focus on the Present no matter how hard it may be & most of all to be Grateful. I have never been impressed with flashy, sparkly & expensive things; if I was I would probably be desperate housewife in Connecticut now. But I am Grateful for my stable marriage; we celebrated 10 years this year.

For my close friends who keep me in line when I need it. Who know that I adore my husband & our sweet dog. Even though we may not have the biggest or flashiest of homes, it’s our home & I feel safe in it & that’s what counts. Every night before I go to sleep I think about how grateful I am that no one I know has COVID. That makes me the most grateful, that & learning to be happy in the Present moment, no matter what it may be.

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