I wasn’t sure what to write in this entry but something has really bugged me recently & I didn’t know what to do with the frustration. Till I remembered that when I get to this point with something I write. So, I am writing about what’s bugging me. Finally.

Have you ever been on-time for something & you have that one friend that thinks that running late is okay. Everytime. But if you’re late meeting them they get annoyed. I am in that situation at the moment & with the COVID restrictions being what they are, it’s hard to gauge where you can sit for x amount of time before you have to move along.

I have always been on-time or early for whatever or whomever I am meeting, what was so frustrating is that I wasn’t in the mood to write that day, so instead I watched families & kids come & go from the cafe. There’s a study in the US that recently came out that if you are late to something it costs the other person twenty bucks an hour. That’s a substantial amount of money with a recession globally.

I am not into lecturing on what other people should do, but I live in Norway now, where being late is a sign of many things not being okay with the other person, including that, that person doesn’t respect who they are meeting. I remember I really wanted this job in Seattle one year & I ran late to the interview because the bus was late. I didn’t even get the interview.

Hence, if you late it reflects poorly on you not on the person that’s waiting. It’s one of those conundrums; do I still meet with them or do I just let them go? I just feel that they don’t value the friendship or my time. I was hanging clothes to dry at almost 8pm that night because that 30 minutes cost me 4 hours of the chores I had to do.

So, hmmmm. Wishing you a stress free holiday season. Till next time, be punctual, it’ll give you brownie points you otherwise won’t get.

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