why Good Bones is good for you.

Since, the channel has axed my favorite show Castle I found a substitute, the mother & daughter team in Good Bones. Not only do they have mad skills with houses but their interior skills are great. They employ their family in each build & it’s inspiring to watch.

It’s like drinking a warm cup of hot chocolate, watching them transform neighborhoods in Indianpolis. My favorite episode recently was when they where asked to preserve an older house & showed it to the man that grew up in it what they had done. Instead of tearing the old house down they preserved these amazing hardwood floors & even managed to save some of the old wallpaper from the house.

Makes me miss the days I did Habitat for Humanity in Kentucky & all the people we where able to help. It’s an inspiring show with real gutsy women front & center & that I really like. They find local, cool vendors in the city & out of it to accent what they have built. In each house they find something to salvage & use in the new build.

If you ever need that comfort show to watch, I highly recommend watching the show. It’ll brighten your day no matter what kind of COVID lockdown you may be in. Merry Christmas, God Jul! Till next year, may 2021 be a little less lockdowny than 2020 was….I hope?

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