It’s the annual Thanksgiving post & this year I am especially grateful because we are both healthy & happy.

Since March it’s been a year like no other, the pandemic shut us in March & we didn’t feel we could breathe until June when we took our vacation.

June & July where months where we took a sigh of relief & enjoyed our freedom. Traveling up north for a little bit, where we went hiking & seeing friends.

The Fall brought on onslaught of restrictions & we have spent the last 5 weeks with home office & barely leaving the house.

I am still grateful however that we have our health & that we’re safe.

I also wanted to thank my friends who I see around town & the ones I see on Skype.

Last but not least I am grateful for my husband & our solid 10 year marriage, that we celebrated this Summer.

All in all it’s been a weird year but a good one & so far no COVID in our house.

Oh and Biden won in the USA so all is going to be good there too!

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