Red Flags

I am still working on my book & came across a therapist I attempted to see 15 years ago, that was one of the Worst I have ever seen. She diagnosed me with something that’s so outrageous I am not repeating in this blog. She made me out to be out of control in my life because I was single & having fun at the time. Her diagnosis flabbergasted me as I thought better of her than her actual practice.

She’s not the only bad therapist I have seen, or social worker; in high school I forced to see a guy who attempted to make my living situation very dangerous. He sat in his chair & attempted to tell me that the abuse I was living in at the time, I was “making” up for attention. I found out later in the 1990’s that he lost his ability to practice, with good reason.

Red flags in therapy means you switch therapist asap; if they diagnose you with something that feel outrageous or not true & “they are” the “only” person who can help you. Get a second opinion. They come late to your sessions or doesn’t respect the hour you have with them by shortening it or not honoring it. Switch.

The book has brought up many questions for me, like how my choices weren’t always the best in my 20’s and part of 30’s. I dated the Wrong guys or took the good guys for granted. I acted badly when I was younger not always seeing what was in front of me or what they had to offer. In some ways I have regrets but they’re not many. I look at dating like I look at therapy, the therapist should impress you by listening & encouraging good behavior in you; not by undermining you or the progress you yourself feel that you have made.

Remember to listen to your gut instinct because it’s often not wrong. Holidays can be stressful but take time for YOU and ONLY you. Self care is really important even during a pandemic. Breathe & repeat. Stay tuned for next week comes the annual THANKS-giving post.

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