the 1,6%

Well, we are in another lockdown & it shows, as I went into town today to run some simple errands. I waited for the right day as people where frantic on Monday & Tuesday. Today, the city was quiet as a church mouse. The R # is at 1,6% which is just aweful. With Thanksgiving right around the corner it’s sad.

We got some crappy news this week I have chosen to not share on my blog, but it has made both of us sad. We wanted to make a difference for someone & now we can’t. Bummer.

I am glad we are in another lockdown as people where being careless in the city. Now, pretty much everyone has a mask on, on transit & where you can’t keep 1 meter\3 feet. We have to get the R # down to below 1% so we can have a somewhat normal Christmas. I have already finished my Christmas shopping for the year so I am happy. I could see the writing on the wall & had a feeling if I didn’t get stuff done now I may not have a chance in December.

I am both happy & sad this week, such is life. Hopefully, next week will be brighter. I certainly hope so?

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