last straw pulled

Well, today I called the city of Bergen & reported my so-called doctor to them. Enough is Enough. When I spoke to the doctor from the hospital last week he told me that my doctor had gotten the read out for my MRI in April this year. So, why hasn’t he done anything in 6 months??

Let me take a guess, he thought the pain I have on my left side would a)magically disappear b)that I wouldn’t find out that he sat on the results without doing anything for 6 months.

It’s soo unprofessional I don’t have the words for it in this blog, because it’s MALPRACTICE & if he did to me he is doing to others. He deserves to lose his pension if this something he thinks he’s actually going to get away with. He hires these assistant doctors that a)don’t listen to your concerns b)change your medications without telling you(MALPRACTICE). C) Give you attitude IF they do something wrong with your treatment. It starts with the M-A-L.

I switched doctors this weekend & I am keeping my fingers crossed that my new doctor has better bedside manner than the failure I have written about above. Makes me nervous BUT I think I have given my so-called doctor a fair chance & he has failed at every turn it was time to move on.

Maybe sometime this Winter I may finally get some answers??? IF I am lucky?

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