Dead ends

Here I am a year later with the same pain on my left side with no answers in sight. I saw a Ob/gyn this week who Rushed me through my appointment, it lasted 8 minutes & I left without any answers. I called my regular GP & asked if they had seen my MRI I had this Spring & I could tell from the nurse who took the phone that they didn’t even know I had the scan.

I should’ve had my answers in the Spring of this year, Before the shutdown. Here I am sitting wondering what the hell is going on with my GP & the Ob/gyn who I had to see my doctor to get a referral to see. Something I found ridiculous, it’s like the universal healthcare system in Norway is just called pass the buck, to the next doctor or I don’t get clear answers from anyone.

If they think it’s acceptable to treat me like an imbecile because I have a slight mental illness they are sorely mistaken. That’s called MALPRACTICE & it’s unethical it also goes against the oath they take as doctors. TO FIRST DO KNOW HARM. If I don’t hear anything from the rushed Ob/gyn in a few weeks I am going to get legal help, because this is becoming unacceptable. The pain has NEVER been in my head & it has been with me since before we went to Brussels last year.

Now, I also have lethargy that makes it hard for me to do stuff because I become tired much faster than I used to. That’s not coicidence it’s part of whatever is wrong me & I had a fever when I had my last period & couldn’t get off the couch for 3 days. Something is wrong. I am also not hypochondriac & have never been diagnosed with the disorder. It’s time the medical establishment grew a fawkin backbone. As I have lost all faith in the system where you should get an answer within 4 months, BULL****!

Stay tuned. Maybe I will have some kind of answer next time I go to type.

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