low fog

Fall has officially begun as the fog sits low in the valley & the rain taps on our roof. I just finished a painful period where it hurt to walk & breathe, but luckily I didn’t get a fever this time around. The COVID 19 has kept my husband home for the last month working from home. NOW, it’s the bus strike keeping us home.

I support the bus drivers as their pay doesn’t reflect our current economic standing. It sucks however as I am trapped at home & we have to plan when we’re going to drive into town. The best part is that neither party has spoken to another for over a week so now the government is involved. Such is life.

I have Finally figured out how to stream music in the living room from my Spotify, let’s just say that took longer than it should have done. But hey I can now listen to music mixes without having to worry about draining the juice on my phone. It’s really great actually having the music mobile in the house.

Tomorrow is a busy, crazy day & so is the rest of the week but hey I get out of the house & will see people. Something I am really looking forward to. I will also get my haircut, something that’s badly needed. The weather is supposed to be rain & foggy with partial sunshine. We’ll see if that actually will happen?

Till next time, smile we’re only living through a pandemic & soon it’ll be actually get cold outside, but we have global warming so I doubt it?

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