The things

“Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you. The legendary Ruth Bader Ginsburg

I am realizing that I am more a writer & creative person than I am working in a shoe store or making coffee. Don’t get me wrong I love coffee & always will, but I want to do something that is creative & that is me. My husband had the brilliant idea that I should learn photoshop & I am. One day at a time. I hate tutorials because I feel that they are too fast or too slow so I am teaching myself how to use it.

The weather is changing & the skies are grayer & the rain colder, but the air is fresher. Fall has officially arrived. Our masks came in the mail yesterday a stark reminder that the pandemic is still very much with us. I had to wear a mask into town today & I always feel like crying when I have to put it on. Maybe it’s my fear of catching COVID 19 or maybe it’s just a harsh reality I have to get used to.

They came & clear cut the part of the property that wasn’t ours & it looks like crap. We think the hedgehog may be pregnant again & she has so few bushes to hide herself in after they destroyed her habitat. It makes me sad, he could’ve just used to photoshop and removed all the trees from the property, it would’ve been cheaper than coming & stripping the land. Enough about the sad state of our surroundings.

I was told that I should consider myself an author yesterday, which I guess I am since I have given out a book a few years back. I prefer writing to many things except hiking & being outdoors that I love. I am still using my summer downy because it hasn’t been cold enough outdoors yet to switch to the winter downy.

I take solace in my husband & hope I can do him proud learning photoshop, I also am looking for a boss that doesn’t look at creativity as a bad thing but rather a good thing. Someone who has hired creative people before & understand that our intellect is astute & our emotional intelligence is on point. Till next time, rest in peace Ruth Bader Ginsburg & chin up, fall is a beautiful time of the year.

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