from 27 to 13 to 50..

It’s confusing, everyday the #’s change—so it’s hard to keep up. All I know is it’s getting really confusing. But of course all I know is that my hubby is working from home & I am trying to be inspired by photoshop everyday. Something that is working & then not. That’s how it is when you’re creative person, you can’t always be creative.

I am working on a new book & trying to get inspiration at my favorite cafe that has gone back to COVID hours. I’ve to sign in to hang out which makes sense since, if I was exposed I’d want that phone call. It’s official Fall is here in all it’s glory & fog.

I am alright though, spending too much time in the house but is that anything new. I doubt it. I wanted to send a shout out across the globe to my new readers. Thank you!

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