partial lockdown

Well, here we are again in a partial lockdown in my city, why because the college students came back & partied like it was 1999. Now, we’re the black sheep, people have been told not come into the city from surrounding areas & when the bus is full you’ve to wear a face mask. Such fun. Really.

So, it’s going into town on a need only basis & making sure I don’t ride crowded buses. That means I have to leave the house early in the morning & get on a bus before noon. It doesn’t help that we everyone who may have COVID are coming by bus to my side of the city to get tested. The testing center is full everyday & the students that where partying so hard a few weeks back are now concerned that they may need to get tested. So here we are.

The town hasn’t become a ghost yet, my favorite cafe is still open & so is our grocer. I was on a bus today & half the people had a mask on & half did not. It wasn’t very crowded either so I wasn’t worried. It doesn’t help that the Danish boat comes into town with tourists from other parts of Europe that Norway considers Red. That doesn’t help at all.

The students are furious they got labeled as scapegoats, well then you shouldn’t party during a pandemic. Is all I have to say, because of their carelessness we are in a partial lockdown. That’s not cool. The student president at one of the Uni’s in town came out & complained that it was all so unfair. Well, I will say it again when you don’t take the proper precautions society has to adhere to stricter rules because you felt the need to party.

It’s only 10 days as of today it’s 8 days, but it still sucks. My husband has to work from home & one of his co-workers may have been exposed. Not cool. Till next time wear your mask on a crowded bus & stay 1 meter away. Period.

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