it’s tricky, tricky, tricky

I have had an eventful couple of weeks, I saw a particularly disturbing show called We Hunt Together that had me gripped with the customs & the use of light to show good & bad. I also saw a couple attempting to get a steep hill here in town this week on a scooter & was listening to Run DMC’s it’s tricky, which suited the situation. Cause it was tricky.

Anyway, We Hunt Together was gripping & scary, the sociopath in the movie was very well played. The drug addicted detective was good as well, a little spin on the whole plot. I find mysteries good, but this one was one of a kind. Worth watching so I won’t say much more about that. You’ll have to check it for yourself.

I frightened some sensitive student when I sang it’s tricky yesterday, she blew it way out of proportion as it was meant for the couple attempting to get up the hill together on the scooter. But hey a friend of mine found it really funny today, it was. When you attempt to get a steep hill on a scooter you deserve to be made fun of.

I guess things have been weird; my hubby & hit a brickwall last weekend & spent the weekend talking about our relationship & where we go from here. It was hard & we did alot of talking but he see’s me for me something I am grateful for. Sometimes you need to have serious conversations & they’re not always easy. We have over 10 years together, there’s going to be bumps in the road. That’s just how it is sometimes.

Till next time.

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