a pivotal summer

I have been writing alot about the Summer & Fall of 1997; many things happened. It was a pivotal Summer for alot of reasons, I was starting my sophmore year of University & had an action filled Summer. Which ended with a regret.

I went out to a bar I never went to & met a cute a guy, one thing let to another & we hooked up. However, he didn’t know that his girlfriend had brought back an sti in their bedroom. He was asymptomatic & didn’t know that he made me sick. I got very sick with the sti that I had caught & the university wanted me to go home & rest. Within 24 hours of coming back to my parents house I was nearly killed by my father.

Hence, that one night hook-up changed my trajectory for the rest of my adult life. I have been reflecting on this aspect & if I could’ve done things differently, probably. Hindsight is always 20\20. It propelled me out of my home state & I moved to Seattle in 2000. I am grateful that I moved to Seattle for many reasons. I met my husband there & have lifelong friends there, something I am forever grateful for.

No, that one night stand could have probably changed my trajectory to have stayed in my home state, something I am grateful I didn’t do. Being back in Norway has been totally worth it & I don’t regret a thing, with my husband & our dog. I have been wondering what would have happened if that night didn’t happen but I am glad it did. It pivoted me to where I am now. To think that was the turning point in my 20’s I would have never guessed at the happiness I have or the stability. So, for that I am grateful Everyday.

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