The Fist

Last week, I was walking down a street in the center of town & said No to a transient, drug user who proceeded to answer my No with his fist, hitting me in the arm. He hit me as hard as he could & them mocked me saying I wouldn’t contact the police. Well, they found him & removed him from town. I have never been a victim of blind violence in Norway & it really scared me. I was hit by a woman in Seattle over a decade ago who hit me in the kidney for no apparent reason. But she was obviously upset by something she thought I had done, to this day I don’t know what?

It’s one of those things that I am grateful for my friends in town who have been very supportive & shocked about. You always have the Right to say No to someone asking for a handout. You are Never obligated to give them anything. Saying No should not make you a target of violence or anything else. I find it scary that he doesn’t understand boundaries but obviously there was something Wrong with the guy that hit me. I will leave that to the authorities in this matter.

I am so grateful for the my friends in town who have been visibly shook up by this, because blind violence is just that unprovoked violence has no place in society. Hitting someone because you can’t get high is not my problem or anyone else’s. I am not responsible for anybody else BUT myself & my husband. When you are reactive to a NO signals problems I don’t dare go into. Answering that No with a fist is not answer. I have never had an issue saying NO; not even when I was homeless 13 years ago. I learned to not divulge anything that Summer I was homeless, I was mute & told people that I would not tell them anything. Period.

Things are looking up though, I know who my true friends are because of this so it was a litmus test for that. I am happy though, no one can steal my happiness or my gratefulness NOT even a guy with a Fist.

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