grateful for the simple things

I am sitting here nearly packed for our trip north & thinking how grateful I am for my husband & our four legged creature. Right now it’s pouring cats & dogs outside for the first time in a long time, we finally got rain. We’re taking the four legged creature out for a stroll this afternoon in the downpour & I think he will love it.

Yesterday we had a small BBQ at our house & it was really chill, good conversations & laughter. That’s a simple thing & for that I am grateful. I am looking forward to the car ride up north & to see friends again, I have not seen for a few years. It will be fun to catch up & see what has happened since we moved south.

I hope you all have a wonderful Summer & that it brings you joy & happiness. I will try to write while in transit but that could be complicated. So stay tuned.

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