Magpie babies have flown

The Magpies we have on our property has left the nest. Hedgehog is expecting any day now. She has nest close to our front door. It’s the height of Summer & next week we leave for vacay. I am soo excited to get out of town for a little bit.

Due to COVID 19 we’re staying within the border this year. Something I thought would suck but it doesn’t to be in Norway this year.

I’ve also done two mixes on Spotify that I am pretty proud of. I listened to the same tracks during the lockdown & realized I needed new music to listen to. I listened to Sarah Maclahnan without crying. Something I have not done in 25 years.

I also found some music from the mid 1990’s that I really liked. A dash of INXS & some old No Doubt & Peter Gabriel from the 1980’s. I got a compliment on it which is Awesome.

It’s interesting with music & how many lyrics you can remember. Till next time. Be kind Always.

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