I have been at a loss as to what to write the last few weeks, but the first word that came to mind was Guilt. I’ve experienced harassment & bullying because of where I lived as a child in the US. It’s nowhere near what is happening to the minority population all over the world. Hence, I feel white Guilt, guilt for not being discriminated against in housing or in the work place.

In college over 20 years ago I took a class that focused on Afro American fiction & it was eye opener. My professor was white but knew what he was talking about. I took the class where I was the minority as a white person & I learned so much. We talked about all types of discrimination & racism both in what we read but also in the class.

The University where I was a student had the highest minority population in the mid 1990’s to 2000. Part of the reason I picked the school. I had grown up in a very white town & felt that I wanted to experience more than I had grown up in. I dated a Chinese guy, a black football player & many others; my goal was to learn about how other cultures functioned.

Today, I still feel guilty because we left before it came to what it did in the US. However, I feel that we made the Right choice 4 years ago. We saw that that things would go bad & they did. Do I have any solutions to the current turbulent global crisis we are facing, No; but I think if we can be open & honest with ourselves about our fears & our joy with Everyone we meet then we can get somewhere.

I will try to be more open & judge less, something I think we all should do. The only thing that should matter is that we are all Human & we all deserve Equal Rights. Period.

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