what the lockdown taught me

Our sweet four legged creature got the all clear from the vet this week, so that drama is behind us. He just needed to go down a pound & that’s what he did. Something we’re very relieved about. For a month we where dragging him out several days a week for long walks to get him to lose weight. He’s off of the junkfood though, those days are behind him.

During the lockdown I had very vivid dreams, stress dreams that where bordering on nightmares & I don’t think I was alone in that. I would wake up everyday & realize that COVID 19 was still here. It is still here but the cases are getting rarer & rarer in my part of Norway. I still rarely go into town & when I do, I have to have a purpose.

That is something the lockdown taught me, to have a goal, Everyday. No matter how small or big. I did do some stress baking, that is okay but you can only do so much of that until you get bored with it. You realize whenever your pheat is over that there’s still a pandemic. It was like ripping off a band aid for a little while only to realize that the wound hadn’t healed.

I realized to my great to surprise that I can handle stress rather well & that I am alright under pressure. I don’t think of the worst but when we where in the middle of the lockdown just took everything a day at time. One day, from morning to night. Then I would repeat the next day. I can recall the first time I took the bus under the lockdown to get groceries & I was terrified that I shed a tear on the bus.

Needlessly to say I didn’t catch COVID 19 on the bus, but I used hand santizer religioulsy. I still do. & probably will for a long time to come. Till we have a vaccine or it gets eradicated.

To all those still in a lockdown, breathe in & out. It will pass.
Till next time, stay safe.

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