gradual reopening

I am so excited that society is on it’s way to be back open again! Staying 2 months at home has been fun, but really!? This weekend we’re finally hiking with a friend of mine, of course a meter apart. It’ll be great to see people move about more freely again.

As for the dog, he’s down nearly 2lbs & is looking skinny. We’ve found some great places to hike & is no longer walking around Bergen’s version of Greenlake. Which was really beginning to Bore me, I don’t understand people that walk around & around & around. It’s really not that thrilling.

I have a bum knee, so that’s something new I am dealing with, but it hasn’t stopped me from hiking (with the dog,) of course up Bergen’s second highest mountain from the steep side, not the ever so over popular main trail.

Enough with the rant, let’s get back to the good stuff, next week I can go back to my writing spot & the Universities are opening again!! Yay. That should get rid of the assumptive brats on the mountains for a while. Oh & I ran an errand today in record time. I call that karma. Something I have lots of, the good kind.

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