RHofNY to RHofBergen

The dog & I have decided to watch the local stepford wives in the adjacent neighborhood by walking around the lake in our neighborhood. Let me tell you, to walk around a lake that’s 3km long people certainly take their fitness clothes to the max. It’s funny, the amount make up, perfume & fake eyelashes one can see in an hour.

Someone swatted us by using mattilsynet to harass us last week, claiming that our four legged creature was too Fat to move & didn’t like moving. He climbed Bergen’s second highest mountain last weekend, no problemo & could get up some places I even had a hard time. It’s okay though I have let the appropriate people know what took place & it’s been documented. Someone probably is too Fat to move so they picked up their phone & PC & made a bogus report to mattilsynet. So sad.

I pity them\they\it, that they would stoop so low. But hey we had a neighbor that hired bunch of illegals to work on his house & for the record it wasn’t us that called it in. I know because I saw who it was & they do have an actual Obese dog, unlike us who has a dog that’s 1.5kg over weight. So, whoever it was thought that they where doing that neighbor a solid. I have it on our camera so like WHAT EVER….

See you out there RH of Bergen, try smiling more you’re so serious all the time, geez.

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