What COVID 19 has taught me:

I am not as out going as I once where, so being inside is no big deal.

I really appreciate reading & working on my book.

I appreciate going out with the dog more than I did before.

Hikes & walks mean more when I get the chance to take them.

I appreciate my stylist more since my bangs are getting ridiculous & my hair.

I like Skype & Marco Polo, as it’s lovely to chat with people & get messages.

Keeping a routine is super important so we keep week & weekend routines as normal as possible.

The news everyday is draining but I watch anyway, since the updates happen almost all the time. I saw a good quote today, everyday is special so don’t save things for a special occasion.

I think that is true, but like our neighbors who had fishballs for dinner this week I don’t feel like the end is that near. We had a poke bowl for dinner that night because we have been eating the same food for weeks.

I am reading 2 books at once & working on a book myself which is fun & stressful at the same time. My weekly calendar has become empty which is sad. I try to say hello to people in my neighborhood. They have had active campaigns for people to reach out to others as many people may be lonely.

Next time you have to venture out remember to say hello, sometimes that’s all a person needs.
Stay safe, Stay Home.

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