300+ cars & crowded mountains

We went for a walk yesterday because today, it’s snowing. In our neighborhood there’s plenty of trails to go to. The community complained that there where too many people on the mountains last weekend. Yesterday the local media posted a picture of an empty Fløyen but the second highest mountain next to us was packed yesterday.

Hence, what they reported on their website was wrong. The traffic to Liderhorn was nuts & when we got to the parking area there was more than 300 cars in the lot & they parked next to business & parked illegally just to get up the mountains. We wanted to walk up the fort to our look out area but changed our mind & walked down to the waters edge instead.

We had to change our plans because of how crowded it was up the road to the mountains. It was ridiculous. When we came home after our urban hike I checked the local news & they had reported wrong. I thought of calling the police & the local paper but changed my mind. The paper should know better than to report something that wasn’t fully researched & shouldn’t be reported if it’s not the case. Then it automtically becomes fake news.

I have never been impressed with local papers but this really got me pissed, how can they report on something that was so obvious fake news, I can tell you the parking was completely full & the roads up to the mountains was soo packed that either people turned around or they parked far away. That’s how crowded it was.

If you have a misrepresented story that should be blogged about, tell me.
Till next time.

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