Molding & Red Flags

Since I have begun to go through old journals, I found a journal today from 18 years ago where I discuss a guy that I placed on a pedestal for years. What I discovered was that he wasn’t as amazing as I have been thinking or thought for years. Turns out he wanted to Mold me into something or someone else & didn’t accept me for the person I was.

I am grateful for my husband who does & accepts me for me, flaws & all. Something I am very happy for & that’s why we’re still together. He has never tried to change me into someone else. Even with the difficulties I have had he still see’s me for me. That’s probably why I love him so much.

But this changing you into something or someone else is not healthy, you have to be accept for the core person that you are. I realized today that, that love affair really wasn’t so amazing after all. He became controlling and manipulative in the brief time we where together which is why I ended things when I did. He accused me of ridiculous behavior & expected too much too fast something which is a HUGE red flag.

So hey that love affair was just that brief & for that I am grateful that I found my husband when I did. Sometimes you just know when you’ve met the Right person & they don’t try to control or manipulate you but love YOU, period.

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