isolation coffee

I had to write again as I went into the city of Bergen this week & was greeted with empty streets & sidewalks. The city was eerie & it was uncomfortable to walk around as there was 25-30 people that I saw in the hour I was in there. The city was a desolate landscape & I found out that my favorite cafe is closing for 6 weeks. I was devasted to find this out as I rely on that place for both inspiration & a good cup of joe.

I walked by one of my favorite bakeries & it was empty, there was no one sitting by the windows eating or getting a bun to snack on. When I got to our independent grocery store I was relived to see people in the store. They where the oasis in the desert & I was so happy they where open!

We can see the highway from our house & it’s quiet, no more afternoon rush hour or morning congestion. The neighborhood where in is quiet & the buses are nearly empty. I went to the bus stop yesterday morning & I was the only one there. When I got to the bus stop where there’s usually students & families waiting for the bus there was just a man waiting for the bus.

All the college students have gone home or are in insolation in their apartments. I saw that a professor I know locally is now teaching online & they launched last night. Something that is very positive.

I am also grateful for the fact that my husband & I have a espresso machine at home so I can still drink good coffee while we are in isolation. I will miss my cafe that I used to go to write & socialize. I also like the ports are closed to cruise ships it will quiet down the city considerably in the next few months. They have closed the borders with Sweden & Denmark something I think is a bit drastic & the airplanes have stopped flying over our house.

I hope you’re well stocked on coffee & toilet paper. Till next time savour all those boring household chores.

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