reflecting on the 1990’s

Since the days have become so uncertain & we don’t know what’s around the next corner I have started listening to music from when I was in high school & college. I think that it’s funny to listen to cult classics, that even 20 year old now know about. Music is fun that way it connects us to something present while at the same time connecting us to a memory.

Here where I am they are shutting down the airports tomorrow & the harbors to the public. It shows how severe they think the epidemic is, something I never thought it’d see in my lifetime. Living in uncertainty is no fun & you have to keep routines so you don’t let the brain wonder & you freak out.

I am also working on my new book but that’s a labor of love & will take some time to get down on paper, literally. So, between that & doing chores around the house I figured I’d smooth out my music mix on Spotify. I have a little bit of everything on it so why add some more oddities.

I have always had an eclectic taste in music so I am going to make my mix on Spotify start to reflect that instead of being full albums to artists I hardly listen to. Music is fun that way, you realize that 30 years later that you still like the song or Hate it. I found a mix on Spotify that I have pulled some songs from & others I just skip.

I am sitting here listening & singing to Ironic by Alanis Morrisette a song I loved high school & college. Stay safe & wash your hands, till next entry.

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