cough into your elbow

There’s new Restrictions for everyday people in Norway, which is rather eye opening & good. You have to be a meter apart on transit & all the school’s are closed including the universities. It’s the strictest rules since WWII & I am happy but frustrated by it. It’ll make it harder to take transit & to do errands, that is frustrating.

I understand all the fuss, because they want to limit who contracts the virus & want to contain the spread of it. Something I fully grasp. COVID 19 is easily spread & it can stay on surfaces for days. I took out my purell travel bottle to carry with me when I am going into town. Will use it when I get off & on the bus.

My cafe will most likely have to close because of how intimate it is when you’re in there. I was hoping to get my bangs cut this week but will have to wait till the end of the month. All large gatherings have been cancelled & I wouldn’t be surprised if they impliment that my husband has to work from home for the next 2 weeks.

I understand that this is my daily routine just find it sad, because it will prevent the spread of COVID 19 but I only wonder for how long we have to be so vigilent? How are you coping with your travel restrictions & movement being restricted? Till the next entry stay safe & cough into your elbow.

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