13 years later

Since I began working on my new book things have started to surface. I found an entry in my journal from 13 years ago when I spent the Summer being homeless.

I could barely form sentences in my journal & it was uncomfortable to move & walk. I was gorked out of my mind & had to focus to stay safe when I was in the street shelter. It was the most uncomfortable Summer of my life.

When I look back on it I am grateful for Sniffy, a four legged creature that kept me grounded when my world was full of chaos. I managed to get into sloppily run transitional housing program that was only 2 steps away from the street. Filled with bullies who where often the incomptent staff favorites it forced me to leave the building everyday.

The sanctuary I found over cappuccinos all over Seattle. Where I’d unwrap my laptop & start writing. I would be where ever there was descent WiFi & good coffee.

Good coffee is easy to find in Seattle but my entries reflected my current state of mind. After I’d written my blog I’d go back to do my chores in the wild West that was the transitional program.

I don’t miss the gorked out feeling I experienced that Summer, the total concentration just to walk down the street or the inability to recognize people I knew.

Some days I feel that I have to really concentrate to read or to write. It’s a battle I’ve had for a long time & it’s how I can tell how good/bad my day is or a week. But when I’ve it I pounce & I write or read to my hearts content.

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