sorry for the S**** @ the end.

I found this leafing through some 20 year old journals, I found a sweet email from an ex boyfriend who had written a love email to me in the Fall of 2000. Finding this today made me really happy, happy that he had apologized for how things had ended between us. Why am I going through old journals you ask because I am compiling materials for a new book.

No, it’s not going to be about my ex’s though I could write don’t date this kind of guy books. How to spot a cheater et cetera . But I’ll spare you the details of my singledom. Since I have now been married for a decade it’s interesting reflecting on the s*** at the end. It’s like my previous post about inter-sections & how they change your life.

I was grateful for the sweet email I found today, it was great to see how someone could see the errors of their ways & own up to them. I dated a slew of guys & a majority where so egocentric that they would never take ownership for their behavior. So, it was so wonderful to see a guy do that. I wonder what happened to him, he was a really sweet guy when I knew him.

Inter-sections have a way of changing your perspective & I can see in my journals that my life has gotten better. There was a journal I found today where at the end of each entry I had written that I’d hope that things would improve. I kept hoping there would be a silver lining but I wasn’t in a good spot in my life.

Today though is different & I feel strong enough to go through old entries & share that having a tough time mentally is okay, as long as you get the proper help. For me I didn’t get that support from my family I got it from friends. Therapy is not a dirty word & getting it will only make things easier to cope with the everyday. Take it from me I’ve come a Long Way. Till next entry remember to apologize if you f up, it shows you care.

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