Recently I have begun to think back on my 20’s in CT, when I was young & foolish. How many people that showed up in my life that are no longer in it. For various reasons too long to mention here. Then there are those that are still in my life from that time & for them I am eternally grateful. I had a lot of chaos in my early 20’s & also suffered a severe assualt that I will have to live with the rest of my life.

Inter-sections are interesting, I have often wondered what if I chose differently but I had pretty strict dating rules & 3 strikes & you’re out, just like in baseball. I feel lucky with that, that I was unwilling to compromise my standards for others. I remember a guy who shall remain nameless who I had a one night stand with & he was a carrier of an sti. I got very sick from that one night stand & I found out months afterwards that he wanted to be with me, but I had already moved on.

When I met him his relationship was in shambles & I wasn’t willing to nurse his broken ego or be a rebound for him to spring himself to the next relationship. It didn’t help that he cheated on his current gf with me after she had apparently cheated on him & caught an sti. No, my young mind could only see the drama & I didn’t want to be part of it. The one night stand has haunted me though, maybe because of the sti that I caught or what transpired within weeks of me getting really sick.

I look back & wonder if I made the Right decision to walk away from him; or if I should have stayed & patched up his bruised ego. I wonder where I would’ve been today if I had?? I don’t have regrets exactly it’s more like I feel that I am in the Right place in my life Finally & that was just an inter-section I had to get through to be where I am today.

10 years married this Summer & content with my life & who I chose to be in it with me. Inter-sections are interesting that way, maybe that’s why poets like myself reflect on them as William Blake did & as I do. What inter-section has changed your life?

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