Vanity in Hiking?

I am writing again because this afternoon I got really pissed walking around the lake by our house. There was fake eyelashes, 3 layers of perfume & loads of makeup. Just to walk around the lake. Really has Norwegian women gotten that vain when getting fresh air?

I realize I may have a name brand jacket that I wear when walking or hiking in the Winter but I don’t act like I am better than anyone on the trail. There was couples that took up the entire width of the trail, I was like missing a red runner are we. There was old Nasty woman that mocked the way I looked to her husband.

Really, you’re nearly 80 & that’s how you behave! Distgusting. I don’t wash my hair or pile on the perfume to walk or hike. I am going out in nature not to a bar & I am certaintly not trying to impress other men. I am married!

Vanity has a place & it’s not on the trail or on a Sunday promenade. I’ve never been vain, so I guess I missing the whole attitude that goes along with that. I have also never been impressed by money, living on the East coast.

I am not going to stop going outside just because some people where rude. I love hiking & being outside. I am also not going to start wearing my hair like everyone else, because I think self identity is stronger than that. I have always had my own style & for that I am grateful.

Till next time.

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