bad customer service

So, in the beginning of January I bought a pair of $100 jeans that fit me really well, they fit above the ankle they looked good on me. I got excited about the company even told friends how cool they where. WRONG.

You see I washed those jeans ONCE and they became Huge on me, & no longer fit me right. I took them back to the store & thought they would replace them for the pair that went WONK in the wash. Nope. They gave me a pair of jeans that was JUST as baggie as the once I had returned to the store.

They claimed that the jeans I picked up today where the same, they’re NOT, they’re too BIG & the sales rep told me I could roll them up. On the original pair of jeans they fit above the ankle & I even told them that. Totally unacceptable. They claimed they had measured them. I Highly doubt that.

I also really liked this company but telling all my friends what CRAP they truly are won’t be a problem. Customer service my ars.

Till next time.

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