heavy clouds & hail(rain.)

So much for Winter for this year, the grass is even green outside still because it just hasn’t been cold enough. It’s sad really that there hasn’t been a real Winter this year. The average day time high is around 7.5C, which is way higher than normal. We had some ice in November but it didn’t last long. It’s the middle of January & it feels like October.

One day this week all it did was hail all day long. Not snow not rain but hail. The dog was not Happy & neither was I. They forecasters put snow in the forecast & then it turns out to be rain. Even up North where we first lived they have had a mild Winter.

As I sit here writing this, it’s fog & heavy clouds & some spit in the air. To me it doesn’t feel like Winter it feels like Seattle used to do. I am even thinking of wearing my Seattle sweater jacket on days it’s not raining because it’s just not cold out.

Next time someone doesn’t believe in global warming just show them the thermostat or talk about how 2 years ago we actually had Winter. Now, that’s sadly gone.

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