this is 2020!

Here we are in a new decade & some things have changed while other’s have not. I have a few resolutions this year that I want to practice everyday.

First I want to be more present with my husband & the four legged creature, thinking about the past/tomorrow drains you of the present. No more!

Second I want to be a better listener to my friends & the people I meet, if someone needs my help or are in trouble I want to reach out.

Third to get my errands & chores done earlier in the day, the buses are Nuts around 2-3pm & I am getting tired of it.

Fourth to just be Me & be happy with that. I don’t need to change for anyone anymore.

Fifth to walk dog more during the week, just not when it’s torrential downpour for days straight.

To meet more people, after the death of a celeb here in Norway I want to reach out to more people & to do it everyday. Norwegians are so reserved but I think that needs to change. We need to be more Honest with each other & more open.

Gotta feed the dog now. Happy 2020!!

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