Love Actually is on

Yipeee. It’s finally the holiday season & Love Actually is on a channel I can watch. I’ve been so ill the last 2 months that the holiday season has been something I have been dreading.

Anything I eat can cause pain, I now know what is wrong. The connective tissue that holds my colon & stomach is inflamed which causes great pain. The ER doctors don’t know what causes it. They gave me an idea of pain management, that is supposed to help.

We’ll see if it helps, & in a week I’ve my dreaded colonscopy. Meh. Something they want to see as I passed out two times last Saturday morning. Completely blacked out twice in 5 minutes.

My neck has been hurting but seeing that Love Actually will be on again makes me really happy. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel. Other than that Thanksgiving was a hit.

My favorite line from a movie this week was, I never knew a robot & unicorn could be friends. Here’s our tree.

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